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Local Attractions

Bridal Veil Falls

Abseling at Bridal Veil Falls Bridal Veil Falls Abseling at Bridal Veil Falls Viewing platform at the base of Bridal Veil Falls

Visit this 55m waterfall on your way down the coast. 5min walk to the top and 25min return.

Kawhia Beach & Hot Pools

Dig yourself a hot pool on the beach by Kawhia
Glen Karaskas & Kara Langston, Essex, UK

Fish caught with bait from Oparau RoadhouseDig yourself a hot pool on the beach with a shovel borrowed from Oparau Roadhouse. The best time is around low tide, up to 3 hours before or after.

Try fishing from the shore or a boat. Check out this 30-pounder! The bait used to catch this fish was bought from Oparau Roadhouse.

Te Kauri Lodge

10 minutes from Oparau Roadhouse is Te Kauri Lodge with easy to hard bushwalks available.

Side Trip: From Te Anga, take the road to Waitomo. After 1km you will find the Marokopa Falls on the right. The Marokopa Falls are 30 metres high and are one of the most beautiful falls in NZ. 2 kilometres down the road on the left is Piripiri cave. You will need a torch and good footwear to enter this cave as the cave floor can be slippery. The next attraction is the Mangapohue Natural Bridge which is 4 kilometres past the cave. You can then turn around and go back 7 kilometres to Te Anga to continue your journey. These are all FREE.


Marokopa Falls

Marokopa Falls

The 30-metre Marokopa Falls are well worth the walk down to see. Remember to bring your camera.

Piripiri Cave

Piripiri cave

Piripiri cave is about a 5-minute walk from the road. You will need a good torch and shoes as it can be very wet and muddy inside. You can see fossilized oysters at the back of the cave. It is one of the few FREE caves you are allowed in, BUT DO TAKE EXTREME CARE.

Mangapohue Natural Bridge

A 17-metre high limestone arch with a stream going through it, is all that remains of an ancient cave system. Well worth the look.


Waikawau Tunnel

The Waikawau Tunnel is a narrow tunnel carved through the sandstone cliff. It was made with picks and shovels in 1911.
It was constructed so cattle could be driven to and from Nukuhakare Station along the coast to Marakopa or Awakino.
Waikawau Tunnel